Member Circulars

Date Subject
18th April 2019 Intimation about the Quarterly TDS/TCS statements due dates
16th April 2019 GST on Real Estate Sector (Changes w.e.f 1st April, 2019) - Legal Provisions
12th April 2019 India's Population - Some Interesting Facts : UN Report
11th April 2019 Simplification of Procedure of Filing of Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum (IEM)
8th April 2019 MCCI Business Delegation to Indonesia in June 2019
8th April 2019 Service Providers can opt for GST Composition Scheme from 30th April 2019
2nd April 2019 Key Changes in Income Tax effective from 1st April 2019
27th March 2019 Forthcoming Changes in e-Waybill System
14th March 2019 CPI Number for Industrial Workers
12th March 2019 GST Amendments Notified
12th March 2019 GST Amendments & Clarifications
25th March 2019 Analysis of Recommendations of 34th GST Council Meeting on Real Estate
10th January 2019 Information to Taxpayers on new releases on GST Portal, as on 09/01/2019
7th January 2019 MCCI Education Forum 2019 on 14th Feb 2019
7th January 2019 File your FORM GSTR 1/3B/4 on GST Portal without late fee
7th January 2019 Financial Stability Report 2018 of RBI- main findings
7th January 2019 Financial Stability Report 2018 of RBI- main findings
5th January 2019 GST Export Refunds :- Guidelines on resolution of EGM related errors
3rd January 2019 CBIC circulars clarifying Refund and miscellaneous issues under GST
3rd January 2019 RBI releases guidelines on restructuring of advances to MSMEs
4th January 2019 Cancellation/Postponement of MCCI Bengal Agri-Business Forum scheduled for 11th January 2019
3rd January 2019 7th MCCI MSME Help Desk on 17 January 2019 at 4PM at MCCI
27th December 2018 Important dates for submission of TCS & TDS Statements
20th December 2018 Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS) 2019 - Invitation
20th December 2018 Settlement of Disputed Tax under Sales Tax / VAT / CST and Entry Tax
20th December 2018 DGFT - Kolkata Camp for faster disposal of pending issues of Star Export Houses
18th December 2018 Fast Track Adjudication of Cases under WBVAT Act, 2003 & CST Act, 1956
8th December 2018 Extension of Due Date for Filing Form GSTR 9, GSTR 9A & GSTR 9C
14th December 2018 Revision of All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback
3rd December 2018 Armed Forces Flag Day
29th November 2018 Refund of IGST paid on exports of goods done from non-EDI sites
28th November 2018 6th MCCI MSME Help Desk
22nd November 2018 Extension of the Validity Period of EPCG Authorisation
12th November 2018 MCCI Insurance Forum 2018
21st November 2018 National Entrepreneurship Awards 2018
8th November 2018 Discount in Wharfage for Handling of Cargo at Anchorages
13th November 2018 Implementation of Paperless Processing under SWIFT
12th November 2018 List of Public Holidays for 2019
31st October 2018 KPD Lock Outer Gate
31st October 2018 Extension of last date of filing of Forms MGT-7 and AOC-4 by MCA
30th October 2018 Clarifications on certain issues relating to refund
20th October 2018 Last Date to avail Input Tax Credit in certain cases
27th October 2018 Clarification on the manner of filing Quarterly Returns by Composition Dealers
15th October 2018 New Date for ZEE Business Awards 2018
13th October 2018 Information to Tax Payers on New Releases on GST Portal
13th October 2018 Information to Tax Payers on New Releases on GST Portal
12th October 2018 National Policy on Electronics 2018
11th October 2018 Anchorage of Cape Vessels at Sagar Anchorage
6th October 2018 Suggestions for Union Pre Budget 2019 2020 Memorandum
6th October 2018 Due Dates for Quarterly TDS
5th October 2018 ZEE Business Awards 2018
4th October 2018 Important Clarifications of GST & Compliance Timelines
11th September 2018 117th Annual General Meeting of the Chamber
17th September 2018 CPI Number for Industrial Workers
3rd October 2018 Office Bearers of the Chamber
4th October 2018 Opening of Migration Window for Tax Payers
2nd August 2016 Re-scheduling of Programme of IDS-2016

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