Membership Benefits

Following are the general services that are rendered to the members of all categories :

  • Dissemination of information and statistics. Announcements and notifications, relevant and important to the business community, are sent or made available to the members regularly.
  • Interaction with Central & State Governments and other regulatory authorities.
  • Periodically, meetings with Central & State Ministers, Secretaries, important Dignitaries, Trade Delegations and Experts related to Industries/ Government are held for the members to actively participate in and interact to find solutions and clarification of the current issues and policies.
  • Issuing Certificates of Origin, Recommendation of VISA and Passport, endorsements of trade-related documents to facilitate and promote exports.
  • Taking up cases of members with authorities and submitting memoranda to the government, FIs, Expert bodies like Commissions and Committees on the current problems of trade and industry.
  • Use of two well-equipped air-conditioned Conference Halls for business-related activities at nominal service charges, (sometimes free for certain categories of members).

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