Council on Jute

About the Council

The Council is formed to boost the Jute Industry in Eastern India. Jute Textile Industry is one of the major Industries in the Eastern India, particularly in West Bengal. Jute supports around 40 Lakh farm families and provides direct employment to 2.6 Lakh Industrial Workers and 1.4 Lakh in the tertiary sector.

The Council focuses mainly on the new initiatives that Government should take to bolster the Jute Industry. The Council has suggested the Government to provide more facilities to the cultivators and industries. The Council also works with Banks and other financial institutions for providing easing credit to investors.

The Council organises different Seminars, Events and Webinars with public and private stake holders. The Council has hosted a meeting with Shri Ranajoy Sen, Senior Project Consultant Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP Jute on GI lable for Jute products.


Chairman :

Shri Srivatsa Kajaria


Co Chairman

Shri Narayan Agarwala

Point of Contact :

Jashodhara Chakraborti

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