Mentorship Programmes

Mentorship programmes are held by the Chamber on a regular basis. The objective of such programmes is to provide one–on–one handholding support to the concerned units.

Mentorship Programmes are held in the following areas :

  • GST programmes – to discuss and study in details the Rules and Notifications regarding GST across all industries, manufacturing and trade. Focus is given on important issues like
    • Registration [initially]
    • Input Tax Credit,
    • Filing of GST Returns,
    • Refund and others.
  • Direct Taxes – to discuss and study in details the different Acts and Rules of Income Tax Act and other direct Taxes.
  • IT & Communication – to discuss and study details IT & ITeS, including :
    • Microsoft Excel as a Business tool – the basic and advanced levels of Excel to enhance business
    • Digital Marketing – business growth through digital media, reaching out to the customer base, choice of appropriate technology and others
    • Cyber Security – Cyber Crime, Hacking, Phishing attacks – precautionary measures, legal consequences and others.
  • HRD and Skill Development – Hands–on Workshops on HR and other skill development activities.