Council on Industry, Power & Renewable Energy

About the Council

Manufacturing industry has traditionally played a key role in the economic growth and development of countries. In developing countries, the importance of manufacturing has diminished over the last 20-25 years, resulting in de-industrialization.Historically, manufacturing has been the backbone of all developed and developing nations. It is where R&D starts, where new technologies are born, where scientists and engineers and others are challenged to develop new and better processes, products and technologies.

The Council works as a representative of the businesses engaged in manufacturing sector to the Government. The Council creates the relevant platform for the industries to raise their issues and challenges to the different public-private organisations, banks and others regulatory authorities. The Council organizes Events, Seminars and Webinars with the experts on recent initiatives and developments for the members.


Chairman :

Shri Devendra Goel


Co Chairman

Shri Avijit Ghosh

Point of Contact :

Shri Indronil Roychowdhury


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