Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the CSR Wing of MCCI, was launched on 18th May 1978.The objectives of the Foundation are as follows :

  • To undertake development projects on the aspects of agriculture, agro–industries, water resources, cottage and small industries, health, environment and application of Science & Technology in the field of agriculture & rural industries.
  • To acquire, establish, start aid, run, maintain and manage training centres for skill development in small scale manufacturing and processing techniques in rural industries for the benefit of the people.
  • To help to organise self–help groupbased programmes for increasing the livelihood opportunities of the people at grass root level, as being beneficial to the public or to a section of the population.
  • To study, cultivate and demonstrate the basic issues of health, education, environment, and to take up other socio-economic issues aiming to increase general awareness of the people.
  • To organise camps, workshops, seminars, lectures, debates, excursions, etc. for diffusion of knowledge for the people in general, and to the children, youth and families of the low income group, in particular.
  • To set up Children Development Centres and MahilaMandals to promote the cause of economic, scientific, cultural and environmental issues in the rural and urban areas.
  • To print, publish, sell and distribute useful literature, papers, magazines, books and audio-visual materials etc. for creating awareness.
  • To promote and encourage advancement of literacy cultural, scientific and technical education.
  • To collect and reserve manuscripts, work and art, mechanical and scientific instruments and designs.
  • To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons by way of providing economic and medical facilities.
  • To acquire, construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter any land, building, houses etc. and undertake other works necessary and convenient for the purpose of the Society.
  • To undertake documentation on audio–visual, visual and other medium aiming to increase general awareness and benefit of the people.