Policy Advocacy and Representations to the Government

The Chamber has evolved as a Thought Leader in guiding both the Central and the State Government on policy formation.Representations are regularly sent to the Central & State Governments, Regulatory Bodies, Banks & Financial Institutions on issues at the macro as well as micro levels.

While the Chamber takes up broad issues on MSME, Taxation, Finance, Compliance, sectoral issues on a pan India or state basis, the Chamber also highlights the micro issues raised by the members requesting the authorities for redressal.

The Chamber invites on a regular basis, eminent speakers highly accomplished & respected in their field of work to share their knowledge and experiences. This provides a platform for our members to learn and gain insights for their professional and personal lives. The Chamber organizes events with topics pertaining to community development, business development and leadership.

The Chamber also publishes insightful and informative Research papers for submission to the Central / State Governments with broad policy recommendations. These Reports help the policy makers and think and delve deep into the subject on the one hand, on the other, they help the business leaders to have a clear understanding of the state of affairs and the future course of business.