MCCI Ladies Forum

About MLF

Merchant’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI)launched its Ladies Wing – MCCI Ladies Forum (MLF), on August 14, 2012. As being the one of the most forward-thinking business chambers of eastern India, MCCI takes up women empowerment as a special vertical adding dimension to the activities of the chamber.

MLF is a premier Forum for Women envisioning Global Impact for Women Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen and Professionals from all walks of life. Representing a wide variety of sectors of industry, economy and society, MLF actively engages the voice of women entrepreneurs and professionals.

MCCI Ladies Forum aims to bring together a diverse mix of successful women leaders, who will provide an understanding of the steps they have taken to climb the corporate ladder to a successful leadership position.The objective is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matters.

Since its creation, MLF has brought together women representing a diversity of sectors. Amongst these talents have risen leaders, CEOs and executives of important companies, and NGO representatives, who help drive women economic empowerment in their sphere of work. Each year, progressive women join MLF to benefit from enhanced networking activities during the event.

Mission & Vision

  • Address and discuss all the women related social issues and represent them to the concerned government departments, technical agencies and organizations
  • Initiate vocational, educational training and self-development programmes through workshops/ training sessions
  • Develop entrepreneurship development programmes for women even at the grass root level
  • Recognize ‘outstanding’ women achievers from every walk of life

MLF Leadership

Chairperson :

Smt. Nita Bajoria

Co Chairperson :

Smt. Manjulata Beriwala


Point of Contact : Smt. Sukanya Basu

MLF Membership

Benefits of becoming a member
  • Be a part of the unparalleled networking opportunity with special sessions and benefit from the exclusive pre programme experience. Participate in topical seminars, training programmes, conferences and meetings
  • Share your best practices with other members
  • Opportunity to give back to society
  • Engage for impact. Get involved with important initiatives in the areas of Women Empowerment
  • Networking opportunity among peers of various companies/professional organizations.
  • Provide present and future women business leaders with a unique forum to exchange ideas
  • Provide women an opportunity to gain thought leadership on professional development and issuesimportant to women in today’s workforce
  • Be an ambassador of the values, visions and goals of the Women’s Forum!
  • Spouse or Daughter/ Daughters of the existing MCCI members
  • A leader who has a positive impact in her community, professional environment, and society
  • A committed change-maker who engages with generosity and humility. An open-minded, curious,individual
  • Someone who is passionate about giving back to the community and interested inbeing activelyinvolved with the Ladies Forum network
  • Committed to attending the Ladies Forum Meetings & Events

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