MCCI Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] Facilitation Centre

Mentoring and Hand Holding on IPR related matters on the following :  
Special Assistance


IPR is extremely important these days for the business units to be competitive domestically as well as globally. Intellectual property enables MSMEs to have exclusivity over their innovative products, their creative designs and their brands, thus creating an appropriate incentive for investing in improving their international competitiveness.
MSMEs needs more information, orientation and facilities for protecting their intellectual powers. While majority of the countries have adopted strategies for implementing strong IPR protection for strengthening their industries and trades. Indian industries, particularly the MSMEs are lagging behind in recognizing the importance of IPR and adopting IPR as a business strategy for enhancing competitiveness.
MCCI believes that if the units are provided with adequate hand holding, their productivity would increase and they would be able to contribute significantly to the industrial development of West Bengal.
On a mission to provide guidance, mentoring and hand holding facilities for IPR to the members and other MSME & business units in the State, the Chamber is instituting MCCI Intellectual Property Rights [IPR] Facilitation Centre at its premises.
The Facilitation Centre would focus on the following :
  1. To provide Mentoring & Handholding services to MCCI members and MSME units on IPR issues.
  2. To provide Information on IPR related matters.
  3. To assist MSMEs in protecting their ideas, business strategies and intellectual powers.
  4. To sensitize MSMEs/ Entrepreneurs on IPR related issues by organizing Awareness/ Sensitisation Programmes
At the Facilitation Centre, the Mentors and experts will be available for walk-in consultations. The areas to be addressed by the Mentor panel, among others, are :
  1. Mentoring and hand holding support
  2. Providing Solutions to Issues
  3. Clarification of Doubts
  4. Single-point information/ consultation system
In this initiative, the Chamber has collaborated with DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India
and other reputed organisations working in the IP space.