Council on Infrastructure & Real Estate

About the Council

The Council represents the infrastructure and real estate sector of Eastern India.

The Council recently has taken up the goal to restore and preserve built architectural heritage in the state of West Bengal. In recent time, Heritage tourism is often deeply rooted by historic buildings. Statistics have also shown that heritage visitors have a greater per trip economic impact, as they tend to stay for a longer duration and spend more a day.

The Council hosts Events and Webinars with different dignitaries from London, Singapore and Shanghai to take their views on Sustainable model for heritage conservation. Recently, the Council has worked on TDR law and its applicability under P-P-P model.

In 2021, the Council organised an Event on Conservation of Built Heritage- a way forward with the Partnership of West Bengal Heritage Commission and Calcutta Heritage Collective.


Chairman :

Shri Munish Jhajharia


Co Chairman :

Shri Rohit Singhania

Point of Contact :

Smt. Sukanya Basu


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