Council on Insurance

About the Council

The Insurance Council in MCCI is dedicated to provide quality advice and assured support to its members in their efforts at managing the dynamic commercial, technical and regulatory transitions. The committee provides an objective forum to its members for sharing innovative ideas on identification, assessment, mitigation, control and transfer of risk.  MCCI is working with the aim to foster best business practices.

MCCI organizes MCCI Insurance Conclave, with prominent Policymakers, Industry Leaders and Regulators with an aim to trigger meaningful deliberations on the Insurance sector.

The key objectives of the Council are to :  

  1. To proactively engage with regulators in matters concerning the insurance industry.
  2. To enhance awareness of insurance in general and new products in particular amongst the MSMEs.
  3. To initiate efforts at standardization of products/services in the health insurance segment.
  4. To conduct training programs depending upon the need of the sector.




Shri Rahul Agarwal


Co Chairman

Shri Navin Saraf



Point of Contact

Shri Rajiv Mukerji