Council on IT & Communication

About the Council

The Council focuses on important IT and Communication areas, including Cyber Security and Digital marketing. The Council takes up issues related to IT sector to the Ministry of Information Technology at the Central and State level.

The Council has decided to conduct computer training programmes for students in those schools wherein they do not have any IT facilities.

The Council works to implement certain actions that are necessary to curtail the negative impacts of COVID-19, to cope up with the stress in a healthy way to make our community stronger. The Council also organises Events and Webinars on managing Stress & Mental wellbeing, as coping skills and quick relaxation techniques can move from distress to de-stress.


Chairman :

Shri Yashovardhan Gupta

Co Chairman :

Shri Sanjib Sanghi

Point of Contact :

Smt. Munmun Banerjee


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