Council on Legal Affairs

About the Council

The Council works on the objective to provide legal advices and solutions to members. The Council organises Seminars, Events or Webinars with Regulatory Authorities such as Insolvency Bankruptcy Board of India and helps create public awareness about such developments. The Council provides a platform for industries to share their views and requirements to the Regulatory Board. The Councils invites the Professions to the Sessions.

In 2021, the Council organised a Webinar with SmtMukulitaVijayawargiya, Whole Time Member, Insolvency Bankruptcy Board of India and a Physical Session with Dr. Navrang Saini, Acting Chairperson, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India.


Chairperson :

Dr. MamtaBinani

Co Chairman :

Dr. Jiban Chakraborty

Point of Contact :

Sushantjit Dey

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