Council on Steel

About the Council

The Council focuses on the issues and challenges that the associate industries and businesses have to face. The Council closely works with Central and State Government and raises the issues related to the industries. The Council seeks to resolve issues faced by the local industry and creates a platform to liaise with public and private stakeholders. The Council plays the role of mediators between Government and industries.

In recent time, the steel price hike is one of the major problems for industries and the Council has send representations and submissions to the government regarding this problem.

The Council hosts Steel Forum for the industries in Eastern region. Beside this, the Council organises different Sessions and Webinars with both Central and State Governments and other regulatory authorities on relevant topics.


Chairman :

Shri Mahesh Kumar Agarwal

Co Chairman :

Shri Vivek Adukia

Shri Santosh Bajaj

Point of Contact :

Arijit Dey

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