Council on Tea & Jute

About the Council

The Council on Tea at MCCI is mainly working on the improvement of tea estates and tea manufacturing units in Eastern India especially West-Bengal. Bengal is the second largest producer of tea in India. The state accounts for 20% of the total area under tea plantation and contributes 24% of the tea production in India.

The Council mainly focuses on problems of tea manufacturing units and works on policy suggestions to the Government in favour of the industries regarding interstate and foreign trade. The Council has raised issues like inadequate number of warehouses, high taxation and labour shortage (due to pandemic) to Government.

The Council organises different Events and Webinars on relevant topics with official regulators and private stakeholders.


Chairman :

Shri Sanjay Rasiwasia


Co Chairman

Shri Narayan Agarwala


Point of Contact :

Shri Indronil Roychowdhury

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