National Roundtable on GLOCALIZATION IN EDUCATION FOR FUTURE BUSINESSES with Mr. Yves Leterme, Former Prime Minister, Belgium

Namit Bajoria, President, MCCI presenting a memento to Yves Leterme, Former Prime Minister, Belgium, On his right – Smarajit Mitra, Chairman, Council on Human Resource & Skill Development, MCCI

Yves Leterme addressing at National Roundtable Session, On his right –Smarajit Mitra. On his left – Namit Bajoria,  Dr. Suman K. Mukerjee, Strategic Advisor- Industry & Academic Linkages Woxsen University and Chahat Mishra, Head- International Relations and Strategic Development, Russell Belk Centre for International Relations, Woxsen University.

Yves Leterme, Former Prime Minister, Belgium  and Namit Bajoria, President, MCCI at the National Round Table Session

Session in Progress